Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't mind me...

A photo that I've asked someone to look at in the hopes that they can provide advice on fixing the problem.

The hinges on the 5 drawer cabinet for my 108 year old Singer 66 are stripped and are getting worse every time I use the machine. I haven't used it in almost a year because I worry about damaging it further. I'm not sure where to start in fixing them, although I remember watching my dad fix stripped out door hinges by drilling and gluing dowels in, but I'm not sure that would be appropriate. Your thoughts?


  1. I would try putting a better epoxy in the holes and once it has hardened drill pilot holes for the screws. Might even drill the stripped out holes a little larger before filling with epoxy. If there is room on the underside of the wood you might be able to use a tapered head machine screw then nuts and washers on the hidden side. This would entail drilling all the way through the wood. A better hardware store should be able to recommend the proper epoxy and screws. Should also be able to get either type of screw and nuts in brass to match the existing hardware.

  2. You can insert some wooden matchsticks or toothpicks and break or cut them off flush with the cabinet then put the screws in.

  3. I was thinking something along the lines of the glue & dowel, in this case, toothpick idea. I like the epoxy idea as well. Should be even stronger. It looks like most of the screw heads have pulled through the hinges so I'm thinking larger screws are in order if there's enough clearance for them when the hinges are closed. Once its fixed, you could cut a board or something like a wooden curtain rod to the proper length and put some padding or rubber blocks (stoppers, cane tips etc depending on what you make it out of) and use that to support the free end of the part that moves so all the weight won't be pulling at the hinges. When you aren't using the machine, the support stick could stand in some corner out of the way until its needed. Good Luck with it!