Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stopping the presses

or posts, be that as it may.
I have a few posts brewing but I’ve shoved them firmly on to the back burner to cope with some rough stuff at home. Our big yellow dog went downhill quickly and we euthanized her so we are all hurting. Hard on the heels of that tragedy I was diagnosed with the beginnings of pneumonia and the medicine has me addled. It’s slowed the progression down some, but I think it has one last hurrah before it succumbs.

On a positive note, Haggle-tooth went to the vet yesterday and he’s all better. While we were there we ran into a lady who had with her a dog from the same breeder we acquired Hagamemnon from and he was magnificent, sweet, and still going strong at the advanced age of 14.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

If they’re going to throw shit…

I think it only right that they allow me the opportunity to return fire. Cowards.
Race and racism has been on my mind all weekend. The KKK has been in our area for about a month now and they dropped one of their propaganda bombs in my driveway late last week, a flyer in a zip-lock baggie with a handful of landscaping rocks to give it some heft as they tossed it out of their car window.

Edited because I shared some things I decided I didn't want shared.

I sure hope y’all’s are having a better weekend than we are.