Thursday, January 17, 2013





  1. "you can't be too hard on them here"

    uh, yes we can.

  2. Something so important as stripping people of their rights and property - if it's going to be done at all, and it damned well shouldn't - should not be rushed.

    And then these morons try to excuse the writes of the legislation. Yeah. That's the headdesk moment for me!

  3. One set of rules for the elite, another for the masses. Just another in a long line of examples showing just how certain they are that they are better than us.

    If the lawmakers and other government agents were unable to exempt themselves, we wouldn't have half the stupid laws that we see passed year after year.

  4. Sorry I was remiss in posting comments. I've been dealing with some health issues that threw me for a loop. Nothing serious, just wearying.

    Laura, I'd like to come down on them like a ton of bricks. Also, our puppy will be born soon, I can't wait to see the litter!

    Dirk, this is a classic example of reactionary behavior rather than reasoned, logical thinking. And to think, he's supposed to be high in the running for the dem nomination in 2016. I don't want a reactionary president.

    Grumpy, There will always be elite and masses, there just isn't a way to create a classless society that doesn't involve socializing everything. Do. Not. Want. Even then it doesn't really work, it just furthers the rift between the classes. I agree that there would be huge changes in how things are structured and managed if the politicians were forced to comply to the same rules and regulations the average citizen has to, as was the intent of the founders of our country.

  5. I want these laws enforced now. It was so crtical that he couldnt take the mandatory 3 day waiting period for legislator review then he should begin enforceing these laws imediately. their are undred of felons in new york city alone that need to be arrested right now. i am sure some of the police still have their old wheelguns. look at the desk sergeant whos been doing paperwork for 20 years. he can take them all into custody. take away the assault weapons from the biggest threat to new yorkers, their elected officals and police officers. Are the law enforcement officer who have repeated proven that they cannot hit a suspect in the open more often than the bystanders around him really the ones you want to have large capacity magazines and high powered assault rifles. if you are going to take them away from the citizens, you should start ebforcing the law with those you expect to enforce it.