Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I’ve been running my butt off hither and yon, and between I’ve been staring wide eyed and slack jawed at the political doings. Unconstitutional much?

I’m tired of the anti-gun crowd. I know many of you don’t bother with them any more. I probably shouldn’t either but I see Linoge (@linoge_wotc, Walls Of The City), @sdsorrentino (NC Gun Blog), Barron (@barronbarnett, The Minuteman), Erin (@erinpalett, Lurking Rythmically) and many more getting in there and slogging it out and I want to support them.

I try to limit myself to responding to people who were politely asking. I typically use my personal facebook for that, but I have made a tweet or two. *Ahem*


The Piers Morgan comment is one of my favorite quotes from a book I’m reading. The character it is referencing is a porn star who decided to run for president. I thought it appropriate.

I’ve been asked repeatedly why the legislation they’re proposing (or have already passed) is unreasonable. I’ve explained, respectfully and with great care that the weapon the politicians are holding up as the flagship gun to ban isn’t the only gun they’re banning. I’ve defined assault weapon to them. I’ve gone over the characteristics they’re using to define military style weapons point by point showing them that it’s all cosmetics, the gun is not any more or less capable of mass shootings than a .22 rifle and that the strategy the politicians are using is engineered to rile people up and make an association in their brain that says guns are evil and politicians are their saviors. I’ve discussed with them that we may not necessarily have need of a militia right this minute but if we allow them to take our guns we are leaving our children and their children wide open for tyranny. If the tyrants wait that long to surface. *eyeing Cuomo*

I remind them that we’ve already lost the right to due process should we be deemed terrorists or suspected of terrorist activities, should the politicians decide owning guns is a terrorist activity then the people most capable of making a stand against further roughshod politics are likely to be on the next boat to Guantanamo or someplace equally as pleasant, that is if they aren’t summarily shot. The Second Amendment was added specifically to prevent such horrors. The legislation passed today in NY tells me that they’re well on their way down the gun owners as terrorists track, particularly with the ammunition background checks and automatic reporting of large purchases.

I’ve explained to them that when the next gunman breaks into a school and starts shooting I want the educators to have something more effective than their own bodies with which to protect the children and themselves.There is no doubt in my mind that when he aimed at their students all of the educators in Sandy Hook would have picked up a gun and fired upon the shooter, regardless of what they believed seconds earlier.Their instincts were to protect the children in their care with whatever they had, I don’t think their ideals would have entered the equation at that point.

For my efforts I’ve been called a murderer, a murder supporter, a tin foil hatter, a right wing nutjob of the first degree. My explanations have been summarily dismissed as irrelevant, insulting to the Ladies at Sandy Hook, !!!!!ZOMG 30 Round Clip!!!!!, or I’ve been ignored while they continue to whine that no one will reasonably respond to their questions. I have been told to shove my conservative Christian views up my [where the sun doesn’t shine] and to stop beating my wife and drag my racist white [butt] into the current century. That one was particularly amusing. I’m sure my husband will read that and be happy to know that I’m a wife beater, and then ask me if I have a wife why does he still have to wash his own uniforms? I’m not the maid, darling.

I did take advantage of the NRA’s lifetime membership discount to upgrade my membership. Like most of you I disagree with them on some things, but they’re our best bet against the bums rush we’re being given. We’re looking into forming a trust, hopefully that will keep our guns available to our family. We’re calling and writing our senators and congresspersons and voicing our concerns. Our governor has spoken out in support of the 2nd amendment. At least she’s got that right, and I’ve emailed her to thank her, then I told her not to get too smug as I’m not a one issue voter. Not for her, anyway.

I’m probably not as concerned as I should be about tomorrows pending executive orders. From what I understand he can’t use them to shove gun control completely down our throats. That doesn’t mean I want him to make them, I’m choosing to focus on Feinstein and January 22nd and trying not to lose perspective on everything else.

I had to set the headlines aside for a while this evening. A certain Monster Girl decided her toenails needed to look like purple disco balls and I was happy to oblige, with a coating of pink sparkle polish on her nails to boot. I wouldn’t be surprised to find her doing the YMCA in her sleep.


  1. I engage those anti-rights cultists primarily because if someone does not correct, point out, and generally bring attention to their lies, falsehoods, distortions, and general-purpose propaganda, all of that will eventually be accepted as truth. We cannot afford to allow that to happen.

    On the flip side, those cases of the nutcases flying off the handle and accusing us of being "murderers" or whatnot else serve as wonderful examples of the kinds of folks who would strip us of our rights.

    Win-win :).

  2. I applaud you for your fortitude. I normally have a thicker skin, but for some reason they seem to be able to just dig right in lately. I think my cordite levels are low, perhaps a bit of percussive therapy will toughen me back up. That's a win-win-win :D

  3. I applaud both of you. We are winning, you know; the other side just doesn't realize it yet :-D