Friday, June 1, 2012

Mothers are the best thing in the world for a child…

Except when they aren’t.

Little Lotta Joy is sharing her story. It’s ugly, but if she can handle telling it then I can handle reading it.


You’ll find her behind the butterflies.


  1. Truthfully, it kills my soul to read such accounts. She's a strong woman and I admire her.

    1. There are a lot of things to admire about Lotta Joy. I don't know her very well, I've only just met her and this blog is the only one I've read, but I get the feeling that she'd be someone I enjoy hanging out with. That's the bitter sweet part of interacting online. We're no longer limited to the people just within our reach, but when we connect with someone they're often too far away.
      I understand why her story is withering to you. I have found myself wincing, the mental pictures I form while reading are enraging and I want to cry. I remind myself why she's telling it and go back and reread as clinically as I can, and take note that she put the poison in someone else's hands, she set up the situation so the pills were easily excused, sick times coincided with things she wanted to avoid, Lotta Joy learned to hide her emotions or something bad would happen. As painful as it is I thank her for giving me, us, signs to look for in the hopes that it can be prevented.

  2. Oh how sweet!!! I was wondering where the link was! HOW did you connect a link to a photo? And I LOVE those butterflies!!

    Thank you so much for doing this. I'm pretty sad that I'm not having any visitors beyond my regulars. We're all so old that any 'help' isn't very helpful in my age group.

    And in re-telling this, I've made myself scary depressed.

  3. Lotta Joy? Welcome. I'm sorry you're making yourself depressed, but I know what it's like. If you go here you'll see the links to posts I made about my story. It was scary and painful to share while I was doing it, and I was so worried that people weren't reading it, but I've felt so much at peace since writing it, and as I wrote it more people came and read. I'm afraid a lot of them dropped off after, but they were here, and I hope it helped some. It helped me.
    As for linking the picture, I use a third party blogging program called windows live writer and it has the option to use pictures as a hyper link. If it weren't for the program I'm pretty sure my blog would look like it was written by an illiterate baboon.

  4. I am on my way! I worried about leaving a comment as AKA. That's the name I had when my original blog got hacked, my passwords changed, and hate mail sent out as if it was from me. That's also why my new blog has a new name. I'm on my way to read your posts!

  5. I just finished. It took several hours and, at one point, I didn't know if I was going to make it through. But I figured if YOU can LIVE it, I can read it. My husband was on his way to the shower when I said "listen to this", he sat down, stayed dirty, and listened intently while I read until I got hoarse.

    We each have stories, some are rather dull - yet their owner feels they are major catastrophes. Some are rather skull-dragging horrible, and yours is right up there at the top. You made me remember the times my mom said I had "screwed up again", and to "keep your damn mouth shut". SO I was there with you.

    The ones who really screwed you in your life need to get in line right behind the Officer. He 'set your course'. That many years ago, it was considered lawful defense only AFTER you got your head banged in.

    I'm SO happy for the STAND YOUR GROUND laws now. I only hope the bastards let us keep it.

    You are my new hero.