Sunday, April 1, 2012

If they’re going to throw shit…

I think it only right that they allow me the opportunity to return fire. Cowards.
Race and racism has been on my mind all weekend. The KKK has been in our area for about a month now and they dropped one of their propaganda bombs in my driveway late last week, a flyer in a zip-lock baggie with a handful of landscaping rocks to give it some heft as they tossed it out of their car window.

Edited because I shared some things I decided I didn't want shared.

I sure hope y’all’s are having a better weekend than we are.


  1. 130 pounds!
    That is a Big Dog!
    Our 'little' one weighs in at about 75, and our 'big' one is about 85.
    And they're both rock-solid muscle. Woe betide the person who intrudes here after Lights Out!

  2. I'm surprised those jerks still operate anywhere. Around here, they'd be met with quite a hostile response. I think for the night-time scenario you mentioned, I might have to bring out the heavy rifles.

    1. I think the Treyvon/Zimmerman bruhaha down in FL lured them out of the woodwork, since that's about when they started littering neighborhoods in this area with their propaganda. At night I prefer the 870, it's the only long gun I have with a light on it and I don't want to risk sending stray rounds through my neighbors houses. Besides, the sound of a shotgun racking has a near universal pucker factor that I find lacking in the sound of slapping a new magazine in.

  3. It sounds like you are well guarded. :)

  4. They're very intimidating dogs until they get to know you, and then they turn into LARGE lap dogs.
    My wife and I constantly joke with each other about how "Evil, mean, and vicious" Pit Bulls are, while our two are snoozing at our feet.
    But, just like with ANY dog, f you raise them right they'll be very loving, and if you raise them with cruelty, they can snap at even their owners.

  5. I have known lots of nice pits, and a few not so nice ones. I don't have an issue with the breed, they just aren't my kind of dog. I love the Dobies :)

  6. I don't know how I missed this crazy! When we first got home from China we had some racist group drop notes on our driveway a few times, but then they just stopped. Idiots.