Monday, April 15, 2013

I have a J-O-B

Starting tomorrow (Monday) I will be working as a part-time dispatcher for a local wrecker service. 

Poor Rhye will have to get used to spending his days in his crate. I think he’ll adjust eventually, although I do anticipate my name will be mud until the kids are out of school and can supervise him while I’m at work.

They wanted a minimum of a year of dispatching experience, which I do not have, so I asked what software they use and found a “getting started” manual and a set of training videos online and made a book length study guide for myself, adding in notes from the videos. A poor substitute for experience but the boss was impressed. He kept me in his office talking for an hour and a half during the interview on Wednesday and they called Thursday to offer me the position. The children and I did a happy dance and a celebratory Kermit flail for good measure. I went outside to clear more weed trees out of the azalea bushes and Monster Girl surprised me by making dinner. She opened a jar of my sweet and sour pork and served it over rice, for dessert she made mint chocolate chip ice cream (from a mix) and chocolate cake made from scratch. She also made a tremendous mess in the kitchen, but I didn’t mind.

This is the first paying job I’ve had outside of the home since NAFTA allowed Motorola to send my division overseas 12 years ago. I’m so excited!


  1. congrats on the job!

    puppers will deal. they all do, unless there's an SA issue.

    speaking of puppers, i might have 4-legged news later this year...waiting to see if the breeding takes and how big the litter is, first. :D

  2. Rhye's been coping fairly well. He's been very happy to see me and wants to playplayplay with me when I get home and let him out so he doesn't seem to be harboring a grudge. he's the first doberman I've had that didn't lol. Congratulations (maybe) on the possible puppers! Please keep me updated :)

  3. well, his age might be contributing to his lack of a grudge. :P

    will do. trying NOT to be excited until we know things are certain.

  4. Laura, I do think his age is a factor. He hasn't yet velcroed himself to me 100% so I think he's less inclined to be upset that I'm leaving him. Plus the marrow bone he gets every morning when he goes into the crate might help too LOL

    Grumpy, thanks! I worked from home successfully for a long time but I find that working outside the home is happier making.