Monday, December 31, 2012

On hold for the moment

I made jelly from bottled juice last night.

2012-12-31 02.34.55

It doesn’t look like much but there’s two batches of cherry almond, two batches of apple cinnamon, one batch of blueberry, one batch of blueberry cherry, one batch of mt dew, and two batches of cranberry/blackberry/blueberry jam. Jam/jelly making requires much more hovering, standing and timing than pressure canning and by this point I had managed to give my arm a good steam burn. I was too tired and hurting to clear Caves project the table and line them up pretty. Sorry about that. I had just about enough energy to hop in the shower and wash off the worst of the sticky before falling into bed.

We got into one of the cherry almond jars today and the kids assure me that it goes well in a pb&j. Good to know.

I have a post brewing about a visit to one of our local pawn/gun shops but Cave just mentioned something about a Chinese buffet for dinner and I need to get a move on before the offer is rescinded.


  1. What did you use to make it set up?

  2. Agirl, thanks. DrJim, I did use Ball classic pectin for most of the, the Cranberry/blackberry/blueberry jam had fresh cranberries in it so didn't need pectin, and one of the batches of cinnamon apple jelly was made without pectin but the set is super soft. I think pasteurizing the juice kills the natural pectin.

  3. Did I read that right? You make Mountain Dew Jelly??