Sunday, July 1, 2012

This and that and battening down.

I subscribe to many blogs. One of them is written by North, another is written by a man in Alaska, titled Way Up North. I subscribe because I enjoy their content, but my dirty little brain gets quite a kick out of the titles.

We’re preparing to be pounded by the storm that has been making it’s way down the eastern sea board. It went through my m-i-l’s area yesterday and she is without power, although she has her genny running and will be fine. That woman is a force of nature and it takes more than a power outage to get her perturbed.

I’ve done the best I could to prepare the garden for the storm, I harvested what I could, even if it was a few days from being ready, to try to spare the plants from damage. The eggplants sprung up by a foot just from that. Unfortunately my pimento peppers have snapped off and the tops are gone. I’ll have to find some more seed as these five were from a trade and I planted them all.

We planted apple trees yesterday (Anna and Dorset Golden) and I anticipate they’ll be fine even if they are knocked down or uprooted because they haven’t had time to root into the ground. I am worried about my potted Meyer lemon and my dwarf blueberries, I have them tucked up next to the front porch steps so hopefully they’ll be fine. The last time we had a high wind storm blow through we had a “barrel roll” event, as insurance called it, that rolled through our neighborhood and exploded our neighbors windows, peeled some shingles off of our house, and picked up a 10 foot tall, 300+ pound yard art windmill and spread it across our yard like butter.


Oops, there went the first power blink.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. Lol your funny.

    The storm was a nasty one. Hope you all made without damage.